Did you know that the average woman absorbs more than FOUR pounds of cosmetics during her lifetime?

Depending on what she’s using on her body, that’s a TON of chemicals in her bloodstream… especially if she’s anything like this chick!

Too Much Makeup going green


A True Story by Kathy:

Once upon a time it was uncool to purchase or use eco friendly products. The packaging wasn’t alluring and the products often didn’t stand up to their toxic counterparts. Well, organic and natural products have come a long way since then, baby!

After discovering the negative and harmful effects these products could have, the “Going Green” movement started to forge it’s way with affordable and efficient products.

Eminence Natural Products

All of a sudden, natural and organic products became “cool” and in demand. Men and women all over started to embrace the organic and natural products and all was well with the world. The END

(well, not quite)