Chocolate and Your Skin

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Sinfully Delicious!

The antioxidants in cocoa have been found to be comparable to those in green tea. Dark chocolate contains the highest amount of antioxidants as it is composed of at least 35% cocoa. Chocolate skin treatments containing high amounts of cocoa can help the skin looking young and healthy. It is suggested that the antioxidant properties in cocoa can help prevent free radicals from damaging the elastin and collagen in the skin, thus helping prevent wrinkles and discoloration. In a study published by the “Journal of Nutrition,” some women were given cocoa beverages over a span of 12 weeks. The women who consumed the cocoa beverage showed significant improvement in skin quality including skin structure and texture.


Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is one of the most highly concentrated natural fats. It melts at body temperature so it is easily absorbed by the skin. Cocoa butter has been recommended by dermatologists for a variety of different issues such as eczema, dermatitis, and for the prevention of stretch marks in pregnant women. Cocoa butter contains a polyphenol, which calms the irritation of dermatitis and has even been shown to have cancer fighting properties.