Microblading & Shading

Gurinder recently completed the practical course on Fundamental Makeup Brow Master Training and now loves taking unruly or sparse brows and making them look AMAZING! Techniques include Microblading, Powder Shading, and Brow Lamination.

Creating brows that look perfectly groomed and will stay that way for months or even years to come (Microblading generally lasts 18-30 months).

Here’s an example of Microblading. This client, as you can see, had no brows. After a Microblading treatment, voila!
Microblading before and after

Powder Shading$450
Powder Shading is sometimes called Ombre Brows or Microshading. The result is a soft, natural look, without the defined strokes of Microblading. It is perfect for anyone with sparse or undefined brows who would like a subtle-looking change.

Powder Shading was used on this model.
Powder Shading before and after

Brow Lamination$150
Think of it as a lash lift, but for your eyebrows! Lamination is sometimes known as a brow perm, which is a little confusing because in this process we use a chemical process to straighten brow hairs rather than giving them a wave or curl. It is a fantastic solution for anyone who has unruly brows and who would like that sleek, trendy, groomed eyebrow look.

Brow Lamination was used on this client.
Brow Lamination before and after

Annual touch-ups available for any service as needed. Please call for a consultation.