Why Is A Facial Important?

It’s safe to say that if getting a facial was as commonplace as brushing your teeth was, we’d not only have brighter faced futures, but just more wellness in our lives. 

This week, I’ve decided to tackle a basic question that’s often overlooked: Why get a facial?

To many, getting a facial seems like a decadent luxury that’s beyond budgets and lifestyles to be considered essential or is something that they don’t need (e.g. there’s nothing “wrong” with my skin).

So, in defense of facials, here are a few reasons for why getting a facial is more important than you think.

  • It’s the ultimate anti-aging treatment

Staying young and fresh-faced means taking care of yourself and your skin. What you do at home is only 1 part of this equation. The other is receiving the deep cleansing, exfoliation and hydration only a facial can provide. Getting a facial means you are doing your part to slow down the clock.

Think of getting a facial as analogous to going to the dentist for a routine cleaning. Brushing at home is necessary, but you rely on a professional for the deep cleansing and maintenance to keep your pearly whites in tiptop shape. Why stop at your teeth?

  • A little TLC goes a long way

Facials are more economical than you think. For 4-6 weeks after a facial, your skin will appear radiant, resilient and even-toned.

That’s a heck of a return on your investment! Not only will your skin continue to renew itself after your facial, but also your spirit will be lifted knowing that you’re doing right by your skin.

  • Better than a good night’s rest

Believe it or not, people have mistaken the results of getting a good night’s for a facial.

The effects are similar, but facials go 1 step further to remove toxins and dirt accumulated over the weeks, months and years. And at Bamboo Spa, our facials incorporate extensive facial massage, which improves circulation for an even-toned complexion.

If you’re simply craving that dewy, healthy glow and can’t get a good night’s rest get a facial. It won’t disappoint – and you’ll sleep better too!

Not convinced? Just give it a try. I promise I won’t be the one to say, “I told you so!”