5 Minute Dream Meditation

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Life is so busy. Sometimes the weeks become one big blur. We wake up, burn through the day, pass out. Wake up, burn through the day, pass out. With this simple meditation, I’m suggesting we wake up, burn through the day and then replay that day, and release. Here’s how it goes.

You are going to be a silent witness of your own life.

At the end of the day, when you’re in bed ready to go to sleep, let this be the last thing you do. Watch your day as if it were a movie. And almost as if you’re not just the director of the movie, but almost just the viewer. Witnessing on the screen of your consciousness everything that happened throughout the course of that day. You’ll actually see your day as a movie.

So we wake up in the morning, and we do our morning routines. Waking up turning off the alarm. And then of course do our business in the washroom, and then maybe making our coffee, and then playing with our children, or our significant other, or our pet. Then maybe we turn on the television or get online. All these different activities. But this is only like, the first hour of our day! We want to play the Entire day in 5 minutes. And that means if you’ve been up for 15 hours, that each of those 15 hours is certainly being compressed into just a couple of seconds here, and there.

So, close your eyes and watch yourself wake up. Watch yourself brush your teeth. Use the bathroom. Wash your face. Having breakfast. Driving to work. Interacting with people as you walk through the doors. Each bite of lunch. Conversations you’ve had throughout the course of the day. But don’t judge anything, just witness it. And that’s the profoundness of a dream meditation, is we judge nothing. We simply witness. You may notice that a persons lips are particularly bright red today, you may notice that the clouds are extra grey, you may notice that there’s a new bug on a tree you’ve never seen before. Imagine that you were dropped onto this planet and your sole goal was to just collect data. And as a witness you would be perfect for the job. View yourself objectively. And you may find yourself doing something that you’re very impressed with. You may find yourself doing something that embarrasses you, or embarrassed you at that time. Do not evaluate any of this. If you find that you’re spending more than just a few seconds on a particular aspect, that means you’re judging it. So simply go back to the movie reel and continue watching your day.

Say to yourself. Every single thing that I have just observed is now let go. I can re-connect to all these images on the screen of my consciousness whenever I want. But as soon as I do let them go, they are gone. The movie is over. Here’s what happens when you do the dream meditation. By being the silent witness, the observer of all your behaviours, day after day, you get clues as to what truly nourishes you and what doesn’t. You get insights into which direction it makes sense for you to lean, and which to lean away from. You are given the answers to what is comfortable and what is not. You can see from a cellular level what serves you and what doesn’t. In just being the silent witness you draw yourself closer everyday to what is nourishing, nurturing and supportive. Simultaneously what you’ve just done is process your day. Process everything that happened without you even judging a minute of it. There will be a little less turbulence in your life. Then you’ll get to make more conscious choices tomorrow.

You can use this meditation anytime. You can even weave it in on your lunch breaks if you want. Your Silent Witness is with you everywhere you go, it just has to be noticed.

This Meditation was found through an App called “Let’s Meditate”. Narrator unknown.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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