How To Remove Eye Makeup Properly


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It’s so important to be gentle with our eye area as it’s the most delicate skin we have. Eye makeup removal can be frustrating, especially when wearing those stubborn waterproof mascaras! Our impulse is to tug at the skin when attempting to remove eye makeup. Not only will this rip your lashes out, but it will also cause premature wrinkling. So here’s the proper way to do it.

What You’ll Need

How To

Dampen your cotton pad in lukewarm water and squeeze it out. Apply a small amount of oil or remover onto the cotton pad. Gently press and hold for 20 seconds over your eyes. This allows the make-up to dissolve to avoid unnecessary rubbing. Then, after 20 seconds wipe away mascara in downward and inward motions. We want to go inward towards the nose because it’s opposit to how the skin has been stretched up and out all day as we squint and smile. This will give the muscles around the eyes some relief.

Flip your cotton pad a repeat this gentle motion. Now you can go in with a q-tip to remove whatever’s left. If your mascara is being super stubborn, take two q-tips and place one below the lash and one above the lash. Roll the top q-tip down against the bottom q-tip. This rolling motion will get all those extra mascara clumps without pulling the skin at all!

Follow up with your cleansing routine and an eyecream, and voila!

Extra Tip: If you can avoid wearing waterproof mascara on a daily basis, that is definitely preferable. The goal is to avoid rubbing and tugging as much and as often as possible!



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