Hand & Foot Therapies

All Bamboo Spa hand and foot therapies are delivered using pure essential oils, holistic products and/or made with pure products right on the premises.

Hand Foot Manicure Pedicure

Bamboo Facials

Bamboo spas exotic facial’s use only the most unique and effective line of natural and organic skin care products.

Bright Skin Moisturizer

Rich and nourishing with SPF 30 for uneven complexions. Natural Hydroquinone Alternative and Gigawhite™ help brighten skin and reduce the signs of aging.



Bamboo Spa is located in beautiful downtown Midland, Ontario.  To book a spa service today call or email us.



Kathy Kowalsky@spabamboo


Why Coconut Oil is So Awesome!

Coconut Oil contains unique fatty acids that contain powerful medicinal properties that can affect several brain dysfunctions. It is these same fatty acids that over the long term lead to significant weight loss overall, but more importantly targeting the dangerous …

DIY Wood Floor Cleaner

When people walk in to Bamboo Spa, almost always, the first thing they comment about is how great it smells! We LOVE essential oils and use them liberally around the spa, especially for cleaning. We also LOVE vinegar! Although the …

Miracle Serum

Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Acid is a miracle serum.. I kid you not. This is a true testimonial about my husband. Mark had to wear a CPAP machine at night to assist him with his breathing. It’s a mask that covers …

Staff Favourite

Kathy’s Pick of The Month- Age Defying Facial -   Age Defying Facial   Eminence Organics is our facial line and is from Hungary. Both Kathy Kowalsky, owner of Bamboo Spa and Boldijarre Koronczay, the President of Eminence are Hungarian Massage Therapists. Boldijarre is also a European trained aesthetician. The …

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